• О. Кенесбаев Республика Каркалпакстан, город Нукус, Каракалпакский научно-исследовательский институт гуманитарных наук Каракалпакского отделения Академии наук Республики Узбекистан
Keywords: public organizations, Karakalpak society, political processes, party politics, command and administrative regime, bureaucratic system, Soviet-party bodies, social movements


This article is devoted to the study of the main stages of development of public organizations in Karakalpakstan. The paper analyzes the problems of the formation of public organizations in Karakalpakstan, where, on the basis of a scientific rethinking of historical data, the processes of the emergence of public organizations in the territory of Karakalpakstan are shown. It also indicates the functioning of public organizations in the context of the political processes taking place in Karakalpak society. The process of expansion of public organizations as a mass organization with the support of party and government leaders of Karakalpakstan is reflected in a strict chronological order. And the article also shows, under the influence of a command-administrative bureaucratic system, the ongoing change in the functional purpose of a public organization, turning into an auxiliary tool for implementing public policy among the people. However, the author reveals the role of public organizations in social life under a command and administrative bureaucratic regime. Objective reasons are shown, under the influence of which the functional value of public organizations of Karakalpakstan of the indicated period was changed.


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