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Hence, authors retain copyright to the content of the articles.<br>CC BY 4.0 License allows content to be copied, adapted, displayed, distributed, re-published or otherwise re-used for any purpose including for adaptation and commercial use provided the content is attributed.</p> DISPLAYING THE POLYTEMBRALITY OF THE ORCHESTRA OF UKRAINIAN FOLK INSTRUMENTS WHEN ARRANGED FOR ACCORDION "UKRAINIAN FANTASY" YAROSLAV OLEKSIV <p>Over the past decade, the arsenal of original compositions for the accordion has considerably expanded, but a significant place among the performing repertoire is the genre of translation of works from the repertoire of other instruments, ensembles or orchestras for the accordion. Since the translation of the orchestral repertoire with account of the timbre features of the accordion, has not yet become the subject of musicology research, the task is to elucidation of the main principles of this genre. The combined analysis of translations and executive-methodical recommendations become the basis for a deep understanding of the ideological conception, stylistic features and rethinking of the timbre transformations, and therefore the quality of the performance of the work itself.Translation works for the accordion from the repertoire of the Ukrainian folk instruments orchestra has favorable conditions for many parameters, as demonstrated by Y. Oleksiv "Ukrainian fantasy". The timbre specificity - the existence of a large number of different instrumental groups and voices in the orchestra is successfully transmitted in the accordion translation due to a number of timbre registers of the instrument, the diversity of which allows the most complete transfer of orchestral coloration. The author takes into account the slight difference in the sound of the right and left keyboards of the accordion and demonstrates it in an advantageous applying for translation, creating the effect of a multi-timbre "dialogue". The techniques of playing on the accordion fully reproduce the dynamic gradations of the orchestral sound, as the characteristic feature of such orchestra is a chamber. The author simulates the techniques of sound formation and the specifics of various orchestral instruments. The bandura pinch, the overtones dulcimer "echo", the reed pipe glissando, the violin detache and the articulation variety of instrumental composition of the orchestra composer transmits using a detail palette. Perfect constructive features of the accordion allow you to successfully adapt the multi-layer orchestra texture. In the accordion translations of orchestral compositions, the epic and poetics of folk melodies are transmitted as clearly as possible. This work is aimed at deeper understanding of the content and expressiveness of translated works by the performers. The research can be an impetus for transmissions and their research on the repertoire of the chamber ensemble for the accordion, as well as the translation of pieces for the accordion.</p> Oleksiv Halyna Vasylivna Copyright (c) 2021 Oleksiv Halyna 2021-01-15 2021-01-15 1(29) 10.31435/rsglobal_ijitss/30032021/7367 CREATION OF FOREIGN LANGUAGE ATMOSPHERE IN TEACHING ENGLISH <p>During practical study it was offered a new model of the English language education for students, that was tested in current conditions of traditionally common at Azerbaijan national universities. The need to create this model is due to the dissatisfaction of the professional community with the results of such training. This paper consists of two parts. The first part briefly analyzes a number of interacting extralinguistic factors that differently influence the process of learning English by the students in the classrooms, in small training groups, under the guidance of the teacher according to standard methods. The second part of this paper is a description of the foreign language environment model in the single educational atmosphere of a technical university. The task set by the developers of this model is not only to reduce the negative and strengthen the positive influence of the external factors complex, but also to stimulate students for study of English through foreign-language socialization in academic and professionally oriented discourse. The principles of a model organization of the single foreign language atmosphere, a system of uniform control and assessment of English language proficiency are presented in this paper. Preliminary results obtained during the testing of this model were analyzed. The main advantages of the training organization through this model, which allows to increase motivation for students to learn English have been considered during the research.</p> Elena A. Veliyeva Copyright (c) 2021 Elena A. Veliyeva 2021-01-22 2021-01-22 1(29) 10.31435/rsglobal_ijitss/30032021/7368 PRESERVATION THE TRADITIONS OF UKRAINIAN SPIRITUAL CHOIR CULTURE IN MUSIC SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH BY MYRON FEDORIV <p>The article is devoted to the evaluation of scientific works of the well - known in the Ukrainian diaspora musicologist and publicist Myron Fedoriv in the context of the preservation of national song traditions outside the ethnic territory. The information on the most important theoretical achievements of the scientist is given, the place and value of activity of the cultural public figure in the history of musical and choral culture of Ukraine and the western diaspora is defined. The author notes that Myron Fedoriv lived most of his life in the United States. He left a large amount of musical material and theoretical works in the history of Ukrainian choral culture, so he stopped the destruction of song traditions and examples of canonical liturgical singing in Ukrainian churches of the diaspora. In his works, Myron Fedoriv wrote that the singing tradition is the basis of the Ukrainian national spiritual culture, and therefore it should be preserved in the Ukrainian Catholic Church in America. As a result, the musicological heritage of Myron Fedoriv is very valuable for the Ukrainian musical culture of the twentieth century. Thus, its activities deserve more detailed study.</p> Yatsiv I. V. Copyright (c) 2021 Yatsiv I. V. 2021-01-23 2021-01-23 1(29) 10.31435/rsglobal_ijitss/30032021/7369 ADOLESCENTS’ INVOLVEMENT IN SOCIAL MEDIA: BEFORE AND DURING COVID-19 PANDEMIC <p>Social media are an indispensable modern adolescents’ daily ritual. The present study investigates the specifics of social media influence on the adolescents’ psychological wellbeing in everyday life and during Covid-19. The research hypothesis stated that excessive social media use could provide loneliness, depression, and lack of sleep. The investigation is based on data received from interviews, questionnaires, and statistical analysis. A group of 516 psychology and medical students (78.8% females, 21.2% males) aged 15-21 took part in the study via Google Form survey conducted in Odesa I.I. Mechnikov National University, Ukraine. The participants’ overall well-being, loneliness, level of stress were assessed in correlation with personality characteristics and tendency to social media disorder. The obtained results showed that the more time adolescents spend on social media, the more real-life relationships decrease due to online isolation in social terms. The predictors of social media disorder are difficulties in relationships with family, time spent on social media and psycho-emotional background. It is determined that the social media use creates the illusion of participation and importance for a large circle of people. The study provides evidence that the unsatisfactory level of modern adolescents’ well-being can be explained by the passive use of social media, which provokes emotional lability, irritability, depression, and sleep deprivation.</p> Alisar Hudimova Copyright (c) 2021 Alisar Hudimova 2021-01-24 2021-01-24 1(29) 10.31435/rsglobal_ijitss/30032021/7370 TO THE STUDY OF THE SEMANTICS OF THE VERB <p>In this article, verbal lexemes are classified according to the nomination of the activity of nouns. Consequently, they are called upon to denote what is the “characteristic activity” of nouns of specific semantic classes, semantic thematic series and individual lexemes, as well as to the principle of generalization of different semantic classes, a group of thematic series, which is proved on specific verb examples and it is necessary to conclude that verbs can be divided into verbs of narrow and wide nominations, Depending on the semantic structure of verbs, their direct and figurative meanings differ, Often the potential seme of a verb is a concretizer and indicates the semantic class, groups and thematic series of nouns, and thus the verb actualizes its meaning in speech.<br>The starting point of this work is the fact that "there are no objects without properties and relations and properties and relations without objects", therefore, verbs as well as nouns can be subjected to such classifications as nouns, where nouns of being, abstractness, concreteness, animate, inanimate are distinguished, anthroponymy, faunonymy, as well as certain semantic groups, thematic series and at the level of individual lexemes, as indicated by specific examples.<br>Thus, we have to conclude that the verb is designed in the language to designate the characteristic activity of certain nouns, combining with it in speech its actual meaning is revealed and thereby determines its relevance to a particular semantic class, semantic groups or thematic series, and thus the verbs of a narrow and a wide nomination from a wide nomination. Depending on the semantic structure of the verbs, their direct and figurative meanings differ. Often a potential seme of a verb is a concretizer and indicates the semantic class, groups and thematic series of nouns, and thus the verb actualizes its meaning in speech.</p> Mamadaliev Ahmadali Karimova Nodirakhon Abdurashidovna Copyright (c) 2021 Mamadaliev Ahmadali, Karimova Nodirakhon Abdurashidovna 2021-02-05 2021-02-05 1(29) 10.31435/rsglobal_ijitss/30032021/7410 AT THE CROSSROADS OF LINGUISTIC CULTURES: THE PROBLEM OF CREATION OF THE AZERBAIJANI LANGUAGE BRIEF COURSE FOR THE FOREIGN STUDENTS STUDYING IN THE NON-STATE LANGUAGES IN AZERBAIJAN <p>The article raises the question of&nbsp; the need of the Azerbaijani language for the foreign students studying in Azerbaijan in the non-state languages. The author connects the efficiency of the educational process with confronting the challenges of&nbsp; socio-cultural, learning and psychosocial adaptation of foreigners to the current realities. The author stresses the importance of a nationally-owned Brief Course of the Azerbaijani language for foreign students studying in the non-state languages in the Preparatory Departments of the Azerbaijani universities. As an example, the author refers to her own Program of the Brief Course of the Azerbaijani language for the Chinese students studying in Russian.In the proposed Program, the author indicates a specific lexical and grammatical material, examples of dialogues for conversations that should be assimilated by students. In the last part of the study, educational recommendations to the teachers are suggested and it is also noted the contribution of the ASUOI's teachers of the Russian language as a foreign&nbsp; language in the &nbsp;drawing up the first Program and textbooks on teaching the Azerbaijani language as a foreign language.</p> Narmin Musabayova Copyright (c) 2021 Narmin Musabayova 2021-02-05 2021-02-05 1(29) 10.31435/rsglobal_ijitss/30032021/7411 PSYCHOLOGICAL APPROACHES OF IMPROVEMENT OF THE EFFICIENCY OF COMMUNICATION IN THE CONDITIONS OF ANTI-CRISIS MANAGEMENT <p>The psychological approaches for improvement of efficiency of organization and communication in anti-crisis management, based on the explication of the concepts “crisis situation”, “anti-crisis management”, “social communication”, “communication in a crisis”, as well as based on the analysis of the application of theories and models of communication in management in emergencies are defined in the article.</p> Vovk N. P. Diachkova O. M. Mokhnar L. I. Copyright (c) 2021 Vovk N. P., Diachkova O. M., Mokhnar L. I. 2021-02-05 2021-02-05 1(29) 10.31435/rsglobal_ijitss/30032021/7414 INFORMATION POTENTIAL OF THE LEADERSHIP DIAMOND MODEL: CONDITIONS OF ITS DETECTION AND USE IN PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION <p>The article explores the information potential of the Leadership Diamond model and substantiates the conditions of its detection and use in public administration. The expediency of supplementing traditional assessment of leadership interpretation of the vision, ethics, reality, and courage scores under the Leadership Diamond model with additional (secondary) scores through deepening their common interpretation is justified. A new interpretation allows assessing the overall level of leadership of an individual (the level of approximation to the norm of Great Leader) and four derivative additional characteristics (levels of fairness and reliability, moderation and selflessness, courage and piety, wisdom and ability). The proposed method of interpretation provides with an opportunity and information for analytical research and comparison of individual and group scores, identification of personal and group minimum (weaknesses) and maximum (strengths), allows making decisions on substantiated selection, the formation of individual and group development trajectories, improvement and correction of leadership skills of public servants. Therefore, the perspective of further research is the use of this method to develop the level of wisdom and ability of public servants through design thinking methodology.</p> Dmytro Dzvinchuk Iryna Ozminska Mariana Orliv Victor Petrenko Copyright (c) 2021 Dmytro Dzvinchuk, Iryna Ozminska, Mariana Orliv, Victor Petrenko 2021-02-12 2021-02-12 1(29) 10.31435/rsglobal_ijitss/30032021/7451 LINGUISTIC COMPETENCE AS AN IMPORTANT COMPONENT OF TEACHING ACTIVE METHODS IN READING <p>The article deals with the applying of active methods in reading and the formation of linguistic competence for teaching English for specific purposes (ESP) to future bachelors in the field of Civil Engineering.Purpose of the research is to describe linguistic competence as an important component of the process of teaching active methods in reading to future engineers, to define some active methods in reading that can be implemented in the teaching of ESP in the process of training future civil engineers.Methods. Reviewing the studies on linguistic competence in reading in the process of teaching ESP and methods of active reading.Results. Prospects for teaching methods of active reading (KWL and SQ3R) to future engineers in the ESP teaching process are described. The definition of lexical competence and its components in the process of teaching methods of active reading is given. The difficulties of teaching active reading in ESP for students of technical specialties are determined.Conclusion. Taking into account that creativity and active participation are important factors in motivating students to learn ESP, we consider it appropriate to use methods of active reading (KWL and SQ3R) in combination with other intensive methods and technologies to train future engineers. We believe that exercises and tasks with different forms and models of authentic visualization of educational information (AVEI) for learning English vocabulary in professionally oriented reading are effective. AVEI, taken from professional articles and other authentic materials in the field of civil engineering, can contribute to the formation of lexical competence of students.</p> Svitlana Rubtsova Copyright (c) 2021 Svitlana Rubtsova 2021-02-15 2021-02-15 1(29) 10.31435/rsglobal_ijitss/30032021/7452 IMPACT OF COLOUR SYMBOLISM ON ENGLISH COLOUR IDIOMS AND THEIR GEORGIAN EQUIVALENTS <p>The presented article aims to study colour idioms; to be more precise, idioms one element of which is a colour designating word. During the research, we were interested in identifying whether the symbolic loading of certain colours has an impact on the meaning of an idiom. The conducted research revealed that colour symbolism greatly influences the meaning of colour idioms in the English language. More specifically, it conditions the implication of the whole idiomatic phrase. While conducting the research, we studied about 200 colour idioms in the English language and tried to find out their Georgian equivalents. It appeared that 94 idioms did not have the corresponding Georgian versions on the etic level. Consequently, 106 ones had the corresponding Georgian translations, out of which 30 phrases were transferred into the Georgian language as idiomatic expressions and colour was maintained only in 17 of them. Besides, it is noteworthy that one and the same colour can have different symbolic loadings what is vividly seen in the presented work.</p> Nino Kemertelidze Meri Giorgadze Copyright (c) 2021 Nino Kemertelidze, Meri Giorgadze 2021-02-17 2021-02-17 1(29) 10.31435/rsglobal_ijitss/30032021/7453 MICHEL MOUSKHELY – ON THE ESTABLISHMENT OF THE COUNCIL OF EUROPE AND VISA-FREE TRAVEL TO EUROPE <p>The European integration processes is not losing its topicality to this day. It still remains as the important political challenge of the 21st century in the geopolitical area of the modern world. In these processes Georgia is actively participating today too, as it is known an agreement of the association between Georgia and the European Union was signed in summer 2014. This fact was a landmark of the greatest historical importance for Georgian people. It means returning of the Georgian people to its initial homeland-Europe, which always struggled and strived for it. It must be noted that we are not entering the Europe with empty hands but are widely credited with the propaganda of European qualities and bringing them to Georgia. It is still not widely known to the general public that at the starting point of uniting the European Union (European Confederation) were standing famous Georgian scientists and public figures. M. Muskhelishvili and A. Nikuradze. While Robert Schuman and Jean Monnet talked about the idea of uniting Europe, M. Muskhelishvili and A. Nikuradze were publishing articles on the same subject in the leading newspapers and magazines and actively participated in the processes of creating the European Union.</p> Edisher Japharidze Vazha Shubitidze Copyright (c) 2021 Edisher Japharidze, Vazha Shubitidze 2021-02-20 2021-02-20 1(29) 10.31435/rsglobal_ijitss/30032021/7455 THE CONTENT OF EDUCATIONAL AND PEDAGOGICAL FORECASTING IN UKRAINE (1917 – 1920) <p>The article is devoted to the study of the problem of the content of educational and pedagogical forecasting in Ukraine in the period 1917 – 1920. The author concludes that the content of educational and pedagogical forecasting in Ukraine in the period 1917-1920 is manifested in the development of its national paradigm, the search for variable systems and models, technologies and methods of training teachers. The problem of educational and pedagogical forecasting within certain limits is a component and objectively existing, independent, defining direction, which allows to study the holistic process of development of preschool, secondary and higher education in Ukraine, its features, color; identify the leading trends, ideas, creative experience of training, which determines the positive transformation of the values of Ukrainian society; to outline ways to update educational and pedagogical forecasting in modern socio-political and economic conditions and to update the accumulated material from the past in the realities of pedagogical theory and practice of today.</p> Cherniak S. G. Copyright (c) 2021 Cherniak S. G. 2021-02-28 2021-02-28 1(29) 10.31435/rsglobal_ijitss/30032021/7454 THE RESULTS OF THE PROGRAM OPTIMIZATION OF THE MOTIVATIONAL-SEMANTIC SPHERE FOR PATIENTS WITH DIABETES <p>The article shows the approbation results of the program optimization of the motivational-semantic sphere for patients with diabetes mellitus. The main content of the program and the results of the research are presented using the test "Meaning and life orientations" by D. Leontiev, the method "Diagnosis of the motivational structure of personality" by V. Milman and "The color test of attitudes" by A. Etkind. The study involved 79 people, mean age - 55.86, σ - 16.72. There is an increase in indicators of motives for communication and community usefulness that provide compensation for socio-psychological problems caused by the disease; goals in life, process and locus of control-I. These changes can be considered as markers of optimization of the motivational and semantic sphere of these persons. In the comparison group, the changes differ significantly from the changes in the main group: the indicators of the motive for communication, goals in life and the locus of control-I have increased. But there is a paradoxical combination of the locus of control-I growth with a simultaneous significant decrease in the locus of control-life. It can be explained, on the one hand, by improving physical condition and, accordingly, expanding the perspective of Future of these people, on the other hand, strengthening the belief that their somatic well-being depends on other people and circumstances, not on themselves. Disease’s emotional assessment intensity, under the psychocorrection program influence, decreased in the main group, while, on the contrary, there was simultaneous increasement in the comparison group. Emotional evaluation of the Present for respondents from the main group increased after the program; on the contrary, for those in the comparison group, this indicator decreased. The value of the Future in both groups increased for the first week of stay in the treatment center, but growth was more intense for the main group.</p> Krupelnytska Liudmyla Frantsivna Burovska Iryna Oleksandrivna Copyright (c) 2021 Krupelnytska L. F., Burovska I. O. 2021-03-02 2021-03-02 1(29) 10.31435/rsglobal_ijitss/30032021/7456 MA SIZONG'S VIOLIN WORK IN CONTEXT ARTISTIC AND AESTHETIC TRENDS AND ARTISTIC DIRECTIONS OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY <p>The problem of synthesis of artistic and aesthetic directions of the XX century is considered in the violin music of the Chinese composer Ma Sitsong, whose creative path is outlined in the European, Chinese and American periods. Ma Sitsong was the first Chinese musician to study at the Paris Conservatory and adapt the modernist tendencies of Europe (Impressionism by C. Debussy; I. Stravinsky's search for the "Holy Spring", B. Bartok's neo-folklore). The principles of the latter resonated with Ma's intense reliance on the national Chinese firstborn. After returning to China, he admired the work of S. Prokofiev. Violin music (the first Chinese Concerto, Xinyan Rhapsody for Violin and Orchestra, Suiyuan Suite, Rondo №№1-2) showed a bright national beginning combined with neo-romantic tone and impressionistic sound recording. The mystical-religious figurative conceptosphere of the Tibet Suite is full of symbolic features. After emigrating to the United States, the composer turned to the native music of Taiwanese aborigines (Amei and Gaoshan Suites). Reproducing archaic images, Ma tends to Fauvism, primitive naivety and minimalism, continuing the line of I. Stravinsky, corresponding with the search for his contemporaries: O. Messian, J. Cram, J. Cage, T. Takemitsu, M. Skoryk. In works of the American period (Concerto for 2 violins, Rondo №№3-4, Sonata №3, Sonata for 2 violins solo) neoclassical, expressionist, urban features, elements of Westernization, jazz are felt. Ma Sitsong, as one of the founders of the national violin school, organically combines the diversity of world trends with a lasting reliance on Chinese folk music.</p> Li Yan Lun Copyright (c) 2021 Li Yan Lun 2021-03-05 2021-03-05 1(29) 10.31435/rsglobal_ijitss/30032021/7457 PROTESTANT CHORALE AND METHODS OF ITS PROCESSING <p>The article is devoted to the consideration of the Protestant chorale, the preconditions of its origin and the first examples. The situation from the history of the early Lutheran church is described, when Martin Luther introduced communal choral singing. The main task set in the work is to analyze the main methods of processing Protestant chorales in the works of prominent Western European and domestic composers. Several vocal, instrumental and vocal-instrumental genres are considered, which are based on choral. It is noted that the most common means of processing the chorale is its harmonization, designed for both choral and organ performance. In the Renaissance and Baroque, the practice of creating figures on the choral became quite common, as well as the use of the choral as the theme of the fugue – fugue choral. Another way of elaborating the chorale was the technique of cantus firmus, while the theme of the chorale was located in the lower voice or in the tenor in rhythmic expanse, forming the basis of the whole composition. One of the leading genres of organ music – choral preludes – is considered, special attention is paid to the works of JS Bach. The principle of construction of choral fantasies is analyzed separately. Among other genres, parties, toccatas, masses, oratorios, and other works were created on the basis of chorales. In conclusion, there is a modern tendency to return to the practice of using chant in the liturgy in its original form, as they sounded earlier.</p> Petresku Ya. V. Copyright (c) 2021 Petresku Ya. V. 2021-03-08 2021-03-08 1(29) 10.31435/rsglobal_ijitss/30032021/7458 LEGISLATIVE PROBLEM OF EXCLUDING A PARTNER FROM THE COMPANY ON THE EXAMPLE OF GEORGIA (COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS) <p>The issue of excluding a partner (removing a partner) from the company is one of the most important, very sensitive and controversial issues in corporate law. The legislation of different countries regulates this issue in different ways, but it is important that most countries, together with the decision of the General Meeting of Partners, to exclude a partner, require a relevant court decision that has entered into legal force. On the basis of a comparative analysis, the presented article discusses the possible reasons for the exclusion of a partner and the issues of legal regulation of the exclusion procedure. The fiduciary duties of a partner are analyzed as one of the important reasons for the exclusion of a partner from the company. Special attention is paid to legislative gaps and to the heterogeneity of the case law of Georgia in connection with the exclusion of a partner from the company. However, the article discusses the shortcomings of the new draft law of Georgia on Entrepreneurs, it is worth mentioning that the draft law was developed on the basis of the Association Agreement between Georgia and the European Union. Under this agreement, Georgia undertook an obligation to integrate Georgian corporate law into EU corporate law, in addition, in our opinion, the positions presented in the article will significantly develop and improve such an important institution of corporate law as the exclusion of a partner from the company.</p> Ketevan Kokrashvili Lasha Gorgadze Copyright (c) 2021 Ketevan Kokrashvili, Lasha Gorgadze 2021-03-16 2021-03-16 1(29) 10.31435/rsglobal_ijitss/30032021/7459