• Maria Victoria R. Castillo Dean, Southeast Asia Interdisciplinary Development Institute Graduate School of Organization Development and Planning (SAIDI), Taktak Drive, Antipolo, Rizal Province, 1870 Philippines
  • Siddhartha Paul Tiwari Google Asia Pacific, Maple Tree Business City, Singapore
Keywords: Organizational Development Processes and Interventions, Digital Technology Industry. OD interventions and a framework, Analysis of Organizational Development Processes and Interventions


Many industry leaders are beginning to realize that digital technology is rapidly shifting its position in sync with organization development processes and interventions from serving as a marginal efficiency driver to becoming an enabler of fundamental innovations and disruptions as it moves from being a marginal efficiency driver to an enabler of fundamental disruptions. With the advent of digitalization, sweeping and large-scale transformations are occurring across multiple aspects of business, providing the opportunity to create and capture unique value as well as posing significant risks to the organization's development processes and interventions. In order to be prepared for the strategic implications of these changes for their organizations, industry ecosystems and society as a whole, business leaders across all sectors are grappling with the process and intervention development of their organizations. Currently, the economic and social implications of organization development processes and interventions are contested, raising serious concerns about digital transformation's wider impact. The purpose of this research is to provide an analysis of organizational development processes and interventions in the digital technology industry and to develop a framework for the application of policies to practices.


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