Keywords: Verbal Communication, Non-Verbal Communication, Cognitive Linguistics, Oral Speech, Written Speech


In the process of communication, verbal communication is the main natural form of concretization of thoughts and desires of every person. However, despite the fact that verbal communication is the primary means of carrying out communication, non-verbal means of achieving optimal information, their role in communication cannot be ignored. According to type of situation, the structure of the spoken text and non-verbal means, many factors affecting communication should be considered. Thus, there are basically two forms of communication: verbal and non-verbal communication. While verbal communication uses symbols of human language, non-verbal communication uses facial expressions, human body, gestures, etc. Regardless of its structure, no language can exist without communication. The main object of this study is the information used in verbal and non-verbal communicatin. It deals with different types of communication, their characteristic features and influence to each other. This article expresses the main problems that we can face during non-verbal and verbal communicatin and the research focuses on different methods of verbal and non-verbal communication and analyses the main problems which may occur during the communication. According to the result of this research,we can say that, the richer the language, culture, and traditions of the people, the richer the conceptual space and, therefore, the conceptosphere of that nation. The conceptosphere is the totality of human concepts. The cognitive and communicative aspect of each language directly reflects the culture of that language and its speakers.


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