• Brubaker I. O. Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Science, Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Management, Clinical Pharmacy, Drug Technology, PHEE "Kyiv Medical University", Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Bilan O. A. Senior Lecturer, Department of Pharmaceutical Management, Clinical Pharmacy, Drug Technology, PHEE "Kyiv Medical University", Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Marchenko-Tolsta K. S. Assistant, Department of Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacology, Pathophysiology, PHEE "Kyiv Medical University", Kyiv, Ukraine
Keywords: nanomedicine, nanopharmacy, nanobiosensors, theranostics, nanotoxicology, nanorobots


The review examines current trends in the development of biomedical nanotechnology, its application in various fields of medicine and prospects for further development. Among the main directions — monitoring and control of delivery, distribution and use of drugs; nanobiosensors; diagnostics of pathological states; theranostics; use of nanostructured materials in regenerative medicine; nanotoxicology; nanophytopharmacy; green synthesis; development of new nanobiotech devices and nanorobototics.


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