Keywords: overweight, intensive care, ERAS program, colecalciferol, phosphorus, adaptive potential, quality of life, prognosis


The results of the treatment of overweight patients under the ERAS program are presented. When comparing different variants of the intensive care protocol, it is best to add colecalciferol and D-fructose-1,6-diphosphate sodium salt hydrate.
An increase in the amount of secretory active adipose tissue in the body is accompanied by a decrease in the bioavailability of vitamin D, a decrease in the level of 25 (OH) D in the blood increases the level of parathyroid hormone. The introduction of a planned surgical profile in overweight patients at the screening stage 10 days before surgery to determine the level of 25 (OH) D in the blood is a key point in deciding the possibility of a perioperative period under the ERAS program. Additional use to its classic protocol of colecalciferol (positive effect on long-term effects and is significant in the prediction process) and sodium D-fructose-1,6-diphosphate hydrate solution (directly affects the effect of rapid recovery after elective surgery) improves the quality of motor activity of patients after operations, increases their adaptive capacity by restoring lost muscle function. The optimized classical algorithm of the ERAS program significantly (p <0.05) improved the quality of life in the long run (30 days after surgery), such as physical functioning, general health, viability scale, mental health (SF-36 scale) and reduced body mass index.


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