• Т. С. Мельник Акціонерне товариство «Українська залізниця», м. Київ, Україна
Keywords: rail passenger transport, marketing research methodology, principles of marketing research, consumer value of the service, holistic consumer value management, stages of determining customer value


Purpose. The work is devotes to the definition of the prerequisites, the rationale and the formation of a new marketing research concept for rail passenger traffic, which is the holistic management of the consumer value of services for passengers. Research methodology. To achieve the goal of the work, a critical analysis was made of the existing marketing research methodology, carried out in compliance with the general basic principles, at certain stages, using common methods, and the practical significance of these studies for the management of the national railway. Systems analysis allowed to identify the main problems of Ukraine’s railway passenger transport of a practical nature and to identify unresolved aspects of a scientific task. Results. The lack of effectiveness of the existing long-distance passenger transport management was notes. It is proves that the demand for rail passenger transportation in longdistance traffic is an extremely complex socio-economic phenomenon, the study of which requires a special approach. The essence of consumer value as a complex structure is analyzes, its features are highlights, which proves its heterogeneity for different services and consumer segments. It is shows that the existing methods for determining consumer value do not provide an opportunity to correctly establish its value, effectively manage it and are not properly adapted to the services of long-distance railway passenger transport. The need for the development of a marketing research methodology based on the holistic management of the consumer value of passenger services has been substantiate. Scientific novelty. Introduced the concept of holistic management of consumer value, revealed its essence and differences from the integrated management. The development of the marketing research methodology is gives in terms of the fundamental principles - general and specific, which are necessary for the implementation of the new concept of holistic management of the consumer value of services. Practical significance. Taking into account the specifics of passenger transportation services by long distance rail transport, the stages of determining the use value of services of this type of transportation were develops on the basis of the proposed concept of holistic management of it, which should increase the soundness and effectiveness of management decisions in the passenger rail transport sector of Ukraine.


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