Keywords: investment attractiveness, investment climate, investment, foreign direct investment, ranking.


The country's investment attractiveness is one of the determining factors in attracting investment into the economy. The study emphasizes the relevance of research in this area. The article considers the dynamics of foreign direct investment in Ukraine's economy as one of the determining indicators of investment attractiveness. The place of Ukraine in the "pandemic" period in the rankings of various world institutions whose activities are related to research in the field of investment is analyzed. Low ratings of Ukraine are established, the factors which have caused such results are defined. Despite the generally negative impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the socio-economic system of the country, it was concluded that in such conditions, certain industries, including agriculture, construction, IT industry, transport, and logistics, have received prospects for their development. The article identifies positive trends in the institutional sphere, in particular, the adoption of a number of important bills that will facilitate business in Ukraine, resume cooperation with the International Monetary Fund, adoption of economic development programs, including the National Economic Strategy until 2030. This will stimulate investment in Ukraine's economy.


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