• O.B. Zubach MD, traumatological department in Municipal non-profit enterprise "Lviv Clinical Emergency Care Hospital", Lviv, Ukraine
  • Grygorieva N.V. MD, PhD, Professor, leading research fellow at the department of clinical physiology and pathology of locomotor apparatus, State Institution “D.F. Chebotarev Institute of Gerontology of the NAMS of Ukraine”, Kyiv, Ukraine
Keywords: hip fractures, short-term mortality, 12 months-mortality, survival


Introduction. Hip fractures (HF) are an important medical and social problem with a significant financial burden for different countries, but data about mortality and survival rates after these fractures vary from country to country and are limited in Ukraine. The aim was to study the indices of 12-month mortality and survival in patients of older age groups after HF. Materials and methods. In the retrospective study, we analyzed these indices in 350 people aged 50 years and older with an HF. The analysis was performed in the general group, depending on age and sex, fracture location, and treatment tactics. The mortality rate was calculated according to a standard formula. The survival rate was assessed using Kaplan-Meier analysis and Cox's F-test. Results. The indices of 6-month mortality in patients with HF was 10.0 %, 12-month mortality – 12.9 %. Survival rate was higher in patients with timely hospitalization and surgery and did not differ depending on fracture localization. 6-month mortality after HF did not differ depending on sex against the background of slightly higher indices of 12-month mortality in men (14.4 %) compared with the corresponding indices in women (12.1 %). All the above confirms the need for timely tactics of surgical treatment of patients to save their lives and health.


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