• Abasova Inara Afrayil Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University; assistant; Azerbaijan
Keywords: demulsifier, oil emulsion, oil refining, actuator, dosing accuracy


The process of dosing demulsifier is considered by changing its consumption depending on the consumption of oil emulsin at the installation inlet. The oil emulsion flow ratio and the rate of change of the demulsifier level, which leads to a change in the consumption of the demulsifier, is determined. The proposed process allows to reduce the cost of oil refining by increasing the accuracy of dosing. The whole complex oil processing unit (COPU) is a single block module. The delivery set includes a technological unit, a control unit, furnaces and heat exchangers, automatic furnishing and maintenance units. COPU should be equipped with valves and flow sensors as well as, other means of monitoring, control and regulation, as well as, instruments for testing and emergency protection systems. Operation of COPU control is carried out using an automated system, both remotely and locally. In the process of oil preparation, monitoring and measurement must be carried out the regulation of technological parameters, if necessary. Various comprehensive training facilities correspond to various indicators of economic efficiency, in particular: indicator of energy consumption, complexity of technology; costs of installation, operation, maintenance of installations (including the cost of servicing personnel); the complexity of the oil preparation process.


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