• V. H. Martirosyan National Polytechnic University of Armenia, Yerevan, Armenia
  • M. E. Sasuntsyan National Polytechnic University of Armenia, Yerevan, Armenia
  • V. V. Savich National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Institutе of Powder Metallurgy, Minsk, Belarus
Keywords: chromite concentrate, metallurgical waste, ferrosilicochrome, powder alloy, silicothermic reduction, combustion wave, temperature profile


The process of obtaining a powder ferrosilicochromic alloy by the method of silicothermic reduction of local chromites and slags of copper smelters was investigated. The mechanism of this process has been studied. It is established that the best results are obtained in the case of slag / chromite ratio = 1: 1, when an alloy with microdispersed structure and high strength is obtained. The optimum composition of the resulting alloy is as follows: 35,1% Fe; 36,35% Si and 28,53% Cr, with a metal yield of 98,4%. The obtained alloy powder can be used as an acidified and alloying additive to chromium- and silicon-containing stainless composite materials. The aspects of the process for obtaining FeSiCr alloy have been developed. The maximum temperature (Tc) and the linear propagation velocity of the combustion wave (Uv) are determined graphically. The mechanism of the formation of FeSiCr in the SHS process is explained.


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