Keywords: information system, data analysis, information storages, intelligent decision.


Here one of the new efficient approaches to solving problems of intelligent support of making decisions of a cooperate enterprise scale is analyzed, bearing in mind that the enterprise is oriented towards integration of two interconnected information technologies: a technology of constructing information storages and a technology of intelligent data analysis.
A new conception of the role of informating-controlling systems in controlling and operating pipe manufacturing process is suggested. It broadens a traditional view over information systems just as if it were only an instrument of a computer data analysis. The role of the modern information systems in the manufacturing as an independent scientific and applied direction serving as a connecting link in the triad “raw product – ngineering process – end product” is substantiated. Some problems connected with plantation of the informating-controlling systems in the pipe manufacturing is formulated. It broadens a traditional view over information systems just as if it were only an instrument of a computer data analysis. The practical application of this product permits the operating personnel of the enterprise to control the engineering process, analyze the processes passing in each mill, adjust the PRP mills’ engineering characteristics in the pipe-manufacturing process. The suggested approach influences quite strongly the production’s quality improving and enables to work stably in the thin-walled pipe grades sphere.


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