Keywords: Genetic algorithm, mutation, matrices, rossover operators, mathematical modeling


Genetic algorithm is a method of optimization based on the concepts of natural selection and genetics. Genetic algorithms are used in software development, in artificial intelligence systems, a wide range of optimization problems and in other fields of knowledge.
One of the important issues in the theory of genetic algorithms and their modified versions is the search for the best balance between performance and accuracy. The most difficult in this sense are problems where the fitness function in the search field has many local extremes and one global or several global extremes that coincide.
The effectiveness of the genetic algorithm depends on various factors, such as the successful creation of the primary population. Also in the theory of genetic algorithms, recombination methods play an important role to obtain a better population of offspring. The aim of this work is to study some types of mutations using a modified genetic algorithm to find the minimum function of one variable.
The article presents the results of research and analysis of the impact of some mutation procedures. Namely, the effect of mutation on the speed of achieving the solution of the problem of finding the global extremum of a function of one variable. For which a modified genetic algorithm is used, where the operators of the "generalized crossover" are stochastic matrices


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