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This study may help to clarify many issues on the design of eco-trails, criteria and standards for their construction and their maintenance responsibilities. Bulgarian tourists and nature lovers themselves have created some of the most remarkable of them, surrounded by beautiful scenery of mountains, waterfalls, forests, cliffs and gorges. Landscape architects here are debtors of the society in this regard remain static observers of tourism issues. Bulgarian ecological trails are designed to facilitate the access of tourists to countless landmarks. These tourist routes allow for summer and winter trekking and walking, and are an excellent idea for a holiday weekend.</p> Emil Galev, Fedir Markov Copyright (c) 2020 Emil Galev, Fedir Markov Thu, 24 Dec 2020 00:00:00 +0100 TECHNOLOGICAL AND ECOLOGICAL ASPECTS OF SURFACTANTS PRODUCTION <p>Surfactants are used in various industries: in foods, pharmaceuticals, textiles, personal care products, detergents, polymers, paints and coatings, etc. Scientific researches of technological and ecological aspects of surfactants (sugars fatty acids esters) production are carried out. Traditionally, sugars fatty acids esters are synthesized by chemical methods (using high temperature and pressure, in the presence of basic or acid catalysts and organic solvents). Replacing chemical catalysts with enzymes is an example of “green” production. Various approaches to the use of a non-aqueous medium for biocatalytic esterification are reviews. The most ecological approach is determined – esterification in a solvent-free environment, which ensures improved enzyme activity retention, the absence of costs associated with solvent usage and recovery, facilitates further product purification, reduces the impact on the environment, increases safety in the workplace.</p> Osmanova Olha Copyright (c) 2020 Osmanova Olha Tue, 01 Dec 2020 00:00:00 +0100 COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF LIPID PEROXIDATION ACTIVITY IN SUSPENSIONS OF CRYOPRESERVED CORD BLOOD NUCLEAR CELLS UNDER EXPOSURE TO ANTIOXIDANTS - MEMBRANOPROTECTORS WITH DIFFERENT ACTION MECHANISMS <p>An in-depth study of the oxidative homeostasis state into cell suspensions that contain hematopoietic stem cells is one of the key points for understanding ways to improve technologies for long-term storage of this material. Compounds with antioxidant action are considered promising additional cryoprotectants. Intensification of lipid peroxidation processes is one of the main factors causing disturbances in the barrier properties of cell membranes. Comparative analysis of changes in lipid peroxidation parameters during the cryopreservation-deconservation cycle showed that antioxidants-membrane protectors with different mechanisms of action (B-complex vitamins; α-lipoic acid, thiazotic acid morpholinium salt, 2-ethyl-6-methyl-3-hydroxy pyridine succinate) have similar features of a positive effect on the oxidative status of umbilical cord blood nuclear cell suspensions during cryopreservation. However, 2-ethyl-6-methyl-3-hydroxy pyridine succinate has a statistically significant advantage over α-lipoic acid and thiazotic acid morpholinium salt in terms of the conjugate formation dynamics during phospholipid peroxidation, which can be associated with its direct antioxidant effect.</p> Tetiana Kalynychenko, Anoshyna Militina, Balan Valentyna, Parubets Lidiia, Yagovdik Maryna Copyright (c) 2020 Tetiana Kalynychenko, Anoshyna Militina, Balan Valentyna, Parubets Lidiia, Yagovdik Maryna Mon, 30 Nov 2020 00:00:00 +0100 ULTRASOUND PARAMETERS AND THE STATE OF UTERINE HEMODYNAMICS IN WOMEN WITH MENSTRUAL DYSFUNCTION IN PUBERTY <p>The study of hemodynamic features of the pelvic organs in women is of great clinical importance, since it allows assessing the degree of recovery of endometrial regeneration after menstruation, the possibility of implantating a fertilized egg and placental development. Women who have had menstrual dysfunction in puberty, the determination of qualitative and quantitative parameters of uterine hemodynamics can be useful while choosing treatment tactics, evaluating its effectiveness, and will also provide significant assistance in predicting the prospects for their reproductive health. The purpose of the study. To examine the hemodynamics of uterus and assess the ability of endometrium to implant in women with menstrual dysfunction in puberty with the help of ultrasound and dopplerometry.Materials and methods. To achieve the set goals, 120 women of reproductive age from 19 to 32 years old were examined. By the nature of the disorders, the main group of women (n = 90) with menstrual dysfunction in puberty were divided into 3 subgroups (n = 30): the first group - women with primary oligomenorrhea, the second one - with late menarche, the third one - with pubertal bleeding. The control group consisted of women (n = 30) with the correct rhythm of menstruation in puberty. Results. On the basis of a comparative analysis of the echographic parameters of the size of the uterus in women with menstrual dysfunctions in puberty (main group) and women with the correct rhythm of menstruation (control group), it was found that, on the average stage of endometrial secretion, the volume of the uterus is 1, 2 times smaller in women of the main group (p˂0.05) due to the width of the body of the uterus (p˂0.001). The ratio between the length of the body and cervix in the examined groups did not differ significantly. The thickness of the anterior wall of the uterus is less than the control values in women with late menarche (p˂0.05) and pubertal bleeding (p˂0.01), which was a predictor of the absence of combined uterine pathology. Echographic examination of the thickness of the endometrium at a late stage of the proliferation phase in the examined women did not reveal significant differences with the control group. In the middle stage of the secretion phase, the thickness of the endometrium was less in women, who had menstrual dysfunction in puberty - 9.50 ± 0.27 mm versus 11.38 ± 0.48 mm in the group with the correct menstruation rhythm (p &lt;0.001), but remained within the reference values. Dopplerometry of uterine arteries was performed to assess the functional activity and the possibility of sectorial transformation of the endometrium, which did not reveal significant differences in women of the main and control groups. Conclusions. An analysis of the ratio between the body length and the cervix of the uterus proves the absence of signs of genital infantilism in patients with menstrual dysfunctions in puberty. Doppler studies of hemodynamics in the arteries of uterus in this group of women in different phases of the menstrual cycle indicate an adequate blood supply to the uterus. Although the inferior phase of proliferation of endometrial thickness in its middle stages remained insufficient secretion (9,52 ± 0,42 mm; p &lt;0.01), however, the normal blood flow in the radial and basal uterine arteries contributed to the successful implantation of the blastocyst.</p> Kovalyshyn O. A. Copyright (c) 2020 Kovalyshyn O. A. Sat, 05 Dec 2020 00:00:00 +0100 THYROID DYSFUNCTION IN WOMEN OF REPRODUCTIVE AGE WHO PARTICIPATED IN HOSTILITIES AND SUFFERED CONTUSIONS <p>The article presents data on the prevalence of thyroid hormonal disorders and the establishment of their relationship between the state of mental health and the functional state of body systems in women who participated in hostilities who suffered contusions. We aimed to assessing the prevalence and effectiveness of the diagnosis of thyroid dysfunction in women of childbearing age with impaired reproductive health who participated in hostilities and suffered contusions, to improve treatment and rehabilitation measures and quality of life of these women.</p> Kaminskiy Viacheslav Volodymyrovych, Suslikova Lidiya Viktorivna, Serbeniuk Anastasia Valeriivna, Dercach Andriy Dmytrovych Copyright (c) 2020 Kaminskiy Viacheslav Volodymyrovych, Suslikova Lidiya Viktorivna, Serbeniuk Anastasia Valeriivna, Dercach Andriy Dmytrovych Sun, 06 Dec 2020 00:00:00 +0100 PREOPERATIVE RADIOLOGICAL EXAMINATION OF PATIENTS WITH CHRONIC DACRYOCYSTITIS <p>The aim of our study was to develop a method for determining the topographic and anatomical relationship of the lacrimal sac with the surrounding structures and to evaluate its effectiveness in planning and performing endonasal endoscopic dacryocystorhinostomy (EEDCR). The study group (1st group) consisted of 45 who underwent EEDCR according to our technique, the comparison group (2nd) included 36 patients who, after performing EEDCR developed by us, into the dacryorinostoma zone a polyvinyl chloride conductor was installed. In the control group (3rd) included 28 patients who EEDCR performed by the the generally accepted technique. To assess the informativeness of computed tomography (CT) techniques of the lacrimal ducts (LD) and the possibility of effective use of the obtained CT data, patients of the 1st and 2nd groups were divided into 2 subgroups: 1A and 2A were included patients whom CT LD was performed according to the developed method, and patients of subgroups 1B and 2B – according to the traditional algorithm. Hyperpneumatization of agger nasi cells was detected in 14.7% of the examined, inflammatory pathology in the paranasal sinuses – in 38.5% (p&gt; 0.05). The lacrimal fossa was located at the level of the anterior end of the middle turbinate (MT) in 39.4% of cases, anteriorly in 32.1%, and posteriorly in 14.7%. In 13.8% of cases, it was difficult to determine the ratio of the lacrimal fossa to the anterior end of the MT, these cases were in subgroups 1B, 2B and in group № 3 (p &lt;0.05). Visualization of the surgical field according to the Andre P. Boezaart scale (1995) 1-2 degrees in subgroups 1A and 2A was more than 90% of patients in subgroups 1B and 2B – less than 50%, and in group 3 – in 25% of patients (p &lt;0.05). Thus, the anatomical and topographic features of the LD must be determined and taken into account in the surgical treatment and observation of patients with chronic dacryocystitis. The developed technique of CT with contrasting LD is more effective than the traditional one, and the performance of surgical intervention when using it is sparing.</p> Oleksii Minaiev Copyright (c) 2020 Oleksii Minaiev Sat, 19 Dec 2020 00:00:00 +0100 CHARACTERISTICS OF THE MICROBIOM OF THE NECK REGION OF THE TEETH IN THE EXPERIMENTAL ACTION OF OPIOID, ITS CANCELLATION AND APPLICATION OF CEFTRIAXONE AS A COMPOSITION OF COMPLEX MEDICAL CORRECTION <p>The aim of the study was to determine the changes in the qualitative and quantitative composition of the microbiota in the neck part of the teeth in the gingival margin of the oral cavity of rats under experimental opioid exposure, its cancellation and comprehensive drug correction using an antibacterial drug. The use of the antibiotic ceftriaxone under conditions of two- and six-week administration of the opioid analgesic nalbuphine, caused the elimination or reduction of the quantitative composition of opportunistic and pathogenic bacterial species, in contrast to the identified changes in the microbiocenosis in the studied microbiotope. antibiotic therapy in the experiment.</p> Fik V. B., Fedechko Y.M., Palʹtov Ye. V. Copyright (c) 2020 Fik V. B., Fedechko Y. M., Palʹtov Ye. V. Wed, 23 Dec 2020 00:00:00 +0100